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Aliens Dark Descent Guide

Aliens Dark Descent Guide

No One Can Hear Them Scream Aliens Dark Descent guide is a complete walkthrough and tips for begginers, the best character classes, commanding a squad. We describe all stages, difficulty levels, weapons, skills, trophies, system requirements, controls, game length.

Last update: 11 July 2023

This game guide for Aliens Dark Descent will help you survive the nightmare featuring xenomorphs on the planet Lethe. We have prepared tips on how to keep marines alive and how to properly manage the base, advice on choosing the best character classes and leading the marines squad, walkthrough for all story missions as well as locations of secrets and collectibles. You will also receive information about the campaign length, how to complete the game in 100%, and how to obtain all trophies, including the platinum.

Aliens Dark Descent: Guide content

Our guide to Aliens Dark Descent opens with tips and tricks, in which you will learn important things about reacting to dangers, giving orders, or properly using supplies and accomplishing mission objectives. The chapter about the game's basics describes all difficulty levels, all weapons and abilities, the most important elements of the user interface, and the main types of enemies.

In the FAQ section, we answer the most frequently asked questions. You can find out, among other things, whether you can completely pause the game, how to save your progress, how to heal and revive marines, whether you need to race against time, how to correctly read information from the motion tracker, how to acquire a smart gun weapon, how to open locked passages, or how to react to high stress levels among your soldiers.

In the walkthrough section, you will find solutions for all story missions where we discussed the main and optional objectives, as well as recommended tactics and optimal paths to story-related locations. We have also included a chapter on secrets and collectibles - you will learn where to find the secret items and how to explore the locations in 100%.

The main chapters of the guide are supplemented primarily by a trophy guide with instructions on how to get 100% of the game's achievements and unlock the platinum trophy. On separate pages, we have described, e.g. the controls, system requirements, game length, availability of multiplayer and co-op, and whether the game makes references to the to Alien movies.

Aliens Dark Descent: Tips and Tricks

  1. React to the motion tracker's readings. This is crucial when preparing to fight xenomorphs and other enemies.
  2. Use active skills regularly. You can, e.g. set up suppressive fire or use shotgun blast. These skills use command points, but they regenerate automatically.
  3. Use surprise attacks as often as possible. Fighting xenomorphs exposes marines to the risk of losing their lives and may increase the level of aggression in subsequent monster attacks.
  4. Search the containers and the corpses. You can find useful supplies, and, in some cases, you can also get unique secrets and collectibles.
  5. Have your squad consist of marines from various classes. Each of the 5 classes of soldiers specializes in a certain field (e.g. medic) and their abilities can be very helpful in increasing the team's survivability.

More tips and hints are available on a separate page: Tips and Tricks.

Aliens Dark Descent: Basics

  1. Difficulty levels - This page has information about all difficulty levels. You will also find out if Aliens Dark Dascent has permanent death and Ironman difficulty known from other tactical games.
  2. Best skills - We have prepared a list of the most useful skills for your marines.
  3. Best weapons - On this page, we have compiled the best weapons - main, secondary, and unique.
  4. ARC and M577 - We described how to unlock 2 different armored vehicles, as well as their use in the game.
  5. Death Clock - We have developed a description of the campaign failure counter, as well as information on how to manage the number of available days to complete the game.
  6. New game plus and endgame - From the page you will find out if there is an NG+ mode and if you can continue playing after the main story so you can return to the things you skipped.
  7. Mission list - The page contains information about completing story missions, as well as performing main and optional mission objectives.

Aliens Dark Descent: FAQ

  1. Is there an active pause? - On the page, we explain whether the slow motion during fights is the only available option. This may be important for people who want to issue commands at their own pace after stopping the gameplay.
  2. Can you save the game? - We described how the saving progress works, whether there are manual saves, and whether there are limits for how many saves you can have
  3. How to get out of the cargo hold? - The page describes the first mission objective from the prologue, during which Hayes can die. You will learn how to escape from the cargo hold and how to weld the hatch to stop the xenomorph.
  4. How to escape from the server room? - This is the most difficult part of the prologue. We suggest how to use stealth properly and avoid being detected by the xenomorph, as well as how to safely reach the exit from the server room.
  5. How to create a shelter and how to rest? - You can find out how to unlock hideouts for the squad and what are the most important functions of a shelter created on the map.
  6. How to repel a Massive Onslaught? - We explain when xenomorph attacks occur, as well as how to properly defend yourself when fighting the monsters.
  7. How to reset hard aggressiveness level? - You will learn which actions increase the level of Alien Aggressiveness, what are its critical points, and how to restore the Aggressiveness level back to zero.
  8. How to increase squad size? - The default size of a squad is four marines, but in our guide you will learn how to increase the squad size.
  9. Can you play as Aliens? - On the page, we answer the simple question: does the game have a xenomorph campaign and is it possible to control Aliens.
  10. How to rotate Sentry Gun? - We solved the seemingly difficult problem of determining the sentry's range in order to increase its defensive capabilities.
  11. How to change the appearance of marines? - You can find out if there is a character creator and if there are options for choosing a different gender and appearance of soldiers from the squad.
  12. How to get rid of trauma? - On this page, we inform when trauma and negative statuses appear and what are the ways to remove them.
  13. How to unlock the Smart Gun? - Find out when you can obtain the iconic M56 Smart Gun, as well as which team members can use the weapon.
  14. How does the Motion Tracker work? - We have provided simple explanations on how to read the motion tracker's readings, which can track xenomorphs and other potential threats.
  15. How to replenish ammunition? - In separate sections, we explained how to force weapon reloading and how to manage Ammo Clip during a given mission.
  16. How to return to the squad leader? - This page answers the question of how to focus the camera on the squad leader to quickly return to your marines team.
  17. How to use a sniper rifle? - On the page we described how to unlock and use the sniper rifle. You will also learn how to install a silencer.
  18. Should I save Robert, Lisa, and Drake? - We described the important choices from mission 6. You will find out whether to take the survivors on USS Otago and what are the consequences of taking the traitor.
  19. How to die less often? - The page contains a variety of tips on keeping marines alive, so you can complete all missions with a full squad.
  20. How to get to the atmospheric processor? - We described the main objective of mission 6 where you can check the recommended route to the processor.
  21. What does Kill That Bastard mean? - This page describes commands appearing above enemies and their use during gameplay.

Aliens Dark Descent: Base management

  1. USS Otago - You will find out when you can get access to the USS Otago ship serving as a base and what are the main rooms of the base.
  2. Research projects - On this page, we explain how to conduct research projects and what benefits can be gained from them.
  3. Marines classes - Here we have described all 5 classes of soldiers along with their unique abilities. You will also learn how to unlock the option to choose classes for marines.

Aliens Dark Descent: Secrets and collectibles

  1. Xenotech - The page contains information about the locations of all Xenotech projects. You will also find out what bonuses they offer after examining them in the Laboratory at the base.

Aliens Dark Descent: Bosses

  1. Alien Queen in Dead Hills - On the page, we described the fight with the first queen. She is the first big boss of the game - you face her in the colony during mission 1.
  2. Alien Queen in Berkeley's Docks - The page informs how to defeat the second Queen that appears in mission 2 in the warehouse.
  3. Alien Queen in Nuclear Protocol - You have to face the third Alien Queen on Pioneer Station in mission 5.
  4. Alien Queen in Atmospheric Nightmare - In mission 6, you have to reach the basement and raise the bridges, which will lead you into the lair of the fourth Queen.
  5. Alien Queen in the Extraction - This page has a description of an optional confrontation with the fifth Alien Queen in mission 8.
  6. Alien Queen in The Pryce of Deception - In mission 10, you can explore the streets of Jackson's Landing and encounter the sixth Queen on the surface.
  7. Alien Queen in Olduvai Dig Site - The last seventh Queen has her lair in the mine in mission 11 and here you will find out how to kill her.
  8. Final boss - On this page, you will find out who is the final boss, how to slow down the boss and if it can be defeated, as well as how to escape from caves occupied by xenomorphs.

Aliens Dark Descent: PC System requirements

Below are the minimum requirements for Aliens Dark Descent:

  1. Processor: AMD FX-6300 / Intel Core i3-6100
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 380 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 3 GB VRAM
  4. Operating System: Windows 10 / 11
  5. Disk space: 60 GB
  6. DirectX: 12

More information on this topic can be found on a separate page of our guide: System requirements.

Aliens Dark Descent: Game length

A single playthrough of Aliens Dark Descent should take you at least 25 hours, but the play time is largely dependant on which difficulty level you play (the game can be hard even on normal) and on exploration of all maps in 100%.

More information on how long it takes to complete the game is on the page: Game length.

Aliens Dark Descent: Trophies/Achievements

Aliens Dark Descent has a total of 46 trophies, and some of them are very challenging, forcing you to complete the game at the highest difficulty level.

All available achievements and conditions for obtaining the platinum trophy are described on the page: Trophy guide.

Aliens Dark Descent: Language versions

Aliens Dark Descent is available in 11 languages. Dubbing is available in English.

More information about the available languages can be found on a separate page: Language versions.

Aliens Dark Descent: Release date

Aliens Dark Descent was released on June 20, 2023 simultaneously on all platforms, i.e. PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. There are no plans for a Switch version.

About Aliens Dark Descent Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

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Aliens: Dark Descent Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Tindalos Interactive
  • publisher: Focus Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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