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Farming Simulator 22 Guide

Farming Simulator 22 Guide

Country roads, take me home Farming Simulator 22 guide contains Beginner's Guide and best tips for this advanced farm simulator. Learn how to farm, what machines to invest in and how to effectively develop the economy of your farm.

Last update: 01 June 2022

Our guide Farming Simulator 22 aims to introduce players to the world of virtual farming and breeding. You will learn how to start an adventure with FS22, regardless of whether you are new to the series or a seasoned veteran.

The first pages of the guide focus on the beginner's guide (e.g. which machines to choose at the start, which locations will be the most favorable, etc.) and explain the basics of the gameplay, e.g. how to buy and modify machines, make money - selling agricultural and animal products, the economic system, employing new workers, etc. We have also included a description of weather cycles and their impact on the overall gameplay. We also explain the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The main part of the guide focuses on the crops and breeding that is, the core of Farming Simulator 22's gameplay. You will find out how to grow the individual plants, taking into account the different stages, their order, and how to influence efficiency. You will read how does the seasons' system work and how to use the crops' calendar. You will also learn the use of specific types of machines. The same goes for breeding - you will learn all animals, their requirements and how to earn from them. You will also learn additional activities such as fruit-growing or forestry.

The machines have a separate section of the guide. If you do not know how to use specific equipment, check out our descriptions of the machines. We also selected the best and most interesting equipment and gave them a more detailed description regarding their operation and expansion as well as their hidden uses.

We also posted information about the controls for both the keyboard and the gamepad, an extensive trophy guide, system requirements together with the description of graphical settings to help optimize the game's performance on a weaker PC.

Farming Simulator 22: Basics

In the chapter Basics you will find both theoretical and practical information about the mechanics of Basicsthe game and the first steps regarding the gameplay, especially about changes to Farming Simulator 19.

  1. DLC expansions - here you will see information about the releases of the expansions to FS22.
  2. FS19 and FS22 - similarities and differences - this chapter discusses the key innovations in Farming Simulator 22 compared to the previous part. Anyone familiar with the title of issue 19 should read this chapter first.
  3. Seasons - description of the seasons' system. What to do in winter, when to plant and how to use the calendar of crops.
  4. Contracts and orders - FS2218×16 svg offers novice players (and not only) a system of tasks and missions from the NPC. You can make a lot of money from them, but they distract attention from taking care of your own farm.
  5. Employees - on this page, you will learn basic information about employees: how to assign them to work on a role or transport something and how to avoid problems with their work.
  6. Bank and loan - if you're short of cash, you can take a bank loan. Find out how to do this, how to repay it, and how much the bank will charge you for the loan.
  7. Infinite money - by editing game files, you can increase the amount of cash for a given save file.
  8. Grass trick - you can delay collecting grass to do less raking and collecting grass less often.
  9. Multiplayer - on this page, you will read how does multiplayer on consoles and PC works.
  10. Difficulty level - comparison - here you will learn how the three initial difficulty levels differ and what the economic difficulties are.
  11. Quitting the game and saving - if you do not see the save and exit option when you open the game menu during gameplay, read this page to check why.
  12. Teleportation/Fast travel - here you will learn how you can use the reset function to move vehicles and how to teleport the hero between points on the map.
  13. Rewinding time and sleep - in FS22, you can sleep at any time, and during the game, you can speed up and slow down time - check how and when you can use this option.

Farming Simulator 22: FAQ

The FAQ chapter contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about Farming Simulator 22.

  1. Flickering shadows - how to fix? - on this page, you will find out what causes the annoying effect of blinking shadows during the game and how to turn it off.
  2. Tractor loader - how to install? - tractors may use loaders, which, together with the appropriate attachments, can be used for loading bales, pallets, or granular materials.
  3. Buildings - how to build? - here you will learn how to put new buildings and stationary machines on the plots.
  4. Trailers - can they be combined? - on this page, you will find out whether it is possible to combine trailers and how to do it.
  5. Fields - how not to destroy them? - by default, driving on plants in the higher growth phase will destroy them. Read this page to learn how to avoid this.
  6. Can't unload the trailer - why? - sometimes, you will not be able to unload the trailer - find out what can be the cause of this.
  7. Products - where to sell? - you can sell the collected and stored goods at collection centers - if you have a problem with doing this, check out this page.
  8. Biogas plants - how to sell silage? - biogas plant is a good business that can give you a lot of tangible goods: money and free fertilizer.
  9. Silage additives - what are they? - on this page you will find out what the silage additives available on pallets in the store are for
  10. Fields and plots - how to buy? - a short summary of how to acquire new fields and plots in the game from the map level.
  11. Field - when to fertilize? - a summary of fertilizing the fields with different methods and types of fertilizers.

Farming Simulator 22: Fieldwork

Fieldwork is the main chapter of our Farming Simulator 22 guide. It discusses in detail each stage of work on the field like preparing it for cultivation and then harvesting and storing the yields. In FS 22, in addition to the known activities such as plowing, cultivation, sowing, planting, and weeding, you may also have to do a little bit of liming. The new mechanics include picking up stones and modifying fertilization.

  1. Field - how to buy and what to pay attention to? - on this page, you will read what to pay attention to when buying new fields and how to do it.
  2. Creating, combining, and removing fields - here you will read how to create and remove cultivated fields from purchased land.
  3. Order of fieldwork - a short summary of the order of work in the field: what are the benefits of performing the works, what is the correct order, which works can be omitted.
  4. Plowing - the basic activity of preparing fields for cultivation; optional for cereals, required for root plants before planting them. It takes more time than cultivation.
  5. Cultivation - cultivation allows you to rake, level, and aerate the soil to prepare it for the next sowing. The work required after each harvest can be combined with sowing/fertilizing if you buy the right machines.
  6. Liming - its goal is to balance the reaction of the soil. It is necessary when creating new fields.
  7. Stone picking - a new job introduced in FS22. Getting rid of stones from the field using special machines is very important to make your farming more efficient.
  8. Soil rolling - this process allows you to get rid of small stones by pushing them into the ground, but also to improve the growth of grass by kneading it. It will also slightly increase the yield after rolling the sown soil.
  9. Sowing and planting - we sow cereals and plant vegetables. Here you will find a range of suitable products and machines for the right task.
  10. Weeds and weeding - weeds will appear on every field over time. Use narrow wheels and properly manipulate growth rate techniques to get rid of unwanted things growing next to your crops.
  11. Fertilization - fertilization in FS22 is a broad topic due to the available methods of fertilization and available tools.
  12. Harvesting - learn how to harvest plants, what headers are, how to unload harvesters, and how to get straw from a harvester.
  13. Mulchering - another new job in FS22. After harvesting some plants, you can cut off the remaining stems to create mulch on the surface of the field, and thanks to that, increase the next crop.
  14. Storing harvests - not all plants can be stored in silos. See what other options you have.
  15. Monitoring growth - learn how to use the map and its filters to monitor the state of fertilization, work, and plant growth.

Farming Simulator 22: Fruit-growing and greenhouses

Since fruit-growing is a new feature in Farming Simulator 22, we have decided to devote a separate chapter dedicated only to this topic. At the release, we are able to cultivate two types of fruit - grapes and olives. They require the player to build an orchard on their fields, use special machines, and do different work. They are also part of production chains.

  1. Fruit-growing - basic information - on this page, you will learn basic information about orchards: how to build orchards, what machines to use, what plants to grow in orchards.
  2. Greenhouses - this page describes how to build and care for greenhouses, what plants you can grow in them and in what form you will harvest the crops.

The Fruit-growing chapter is in preparation

Farming Simulator 22: Animal husbandry

Farming Simulator 22 has several species of animals to choose from, starting with animals that are simple for breeding like chickens, and ending with more complex ones such as pigs or cows. As before, livestock will have different requirements and provide unique benefits - you can earn money from cows by selling meat or milk, and pigs will generate a lot of manure which has gained significance. This system took many inspirations from the solutions presented in the Seasons 19 mod by complicating and paying more attention to husbandry.

  1. Chickens - chickens are the least demanding type of animals, requiring the least amount of work. However, eggs are used in production chains.
  2. Sheep - sheep generate milk and wool, which you can sell or use in production chains. This is almost the easiest and most profitable type of animal for husbandry, but it does not provide valuable fertilizer.
  3. Cows - in order to raise cows effectively, they will need a balanced diet.
  4. Pigs - you get the most fertilizer by raising pigs. They need a lot of food, although you do not need to focus on efficiency if you care about natural fertilizers.
  5. Horses - they are one of the most demanding breeding animals, so it is worth learning how to maximize profits from them.
  6. Bees - the option of breeding bees is a new feature in FS22. This maintenance-free option will provide you with almost passive income through honey production.

Even more breeding tips can be found on the following pages:

  1. Building pastures and farmhouses - on this page, you will read how to build new farmhouses and farm buildings for animals in the build mode.
  2. Buying animals - you can buy animals from the dealer on the map or remotely - through the farmhouse. Learn about the differences and cost-effectiveness of both methods.
  3. Obtaining water - water is required by pastures and greenhouses. Read what options you have for obtaining water in Farming Simulator 22.
  4. Selling animals - you can sell animals at your farmhouse or a dealer.

Farming Simulator 22: Wood industry

Farming Simulator 22 also lets you play the lumberjack, that is, use the developed wood industry. Moreover, this mechanic has been expanded and improved in this installment. Wood will also play a part in the production chain system, so expect more work than just cutting and transporting the raw material to a selling point.

  1. Poplars - on this page you will read how to plant and harvest poplars, and how to sell wood chips.

The Wood industry chapter is in preparation

Farming Simulator 22: Grass, hay, silage

In this part of the guide, you will find information on grass processing, i.e. where and how you can mow grass, whether you can hire workers for mowing, how to obtain hay and silage. You will also find information on straw, belting technology as well as transporting and selling bale.

  1. Sowing and mowing grass - you will learn about mowing methods, available machines, and places where you can get grass.
  2. Hay - drying and raking - how to get hay? Dry the grass. How do I do that? Check this chapter.
  3. Silage - extraction, and application - you can get silage from grass by storing it in prisms or wrapping bales with grass. Silage has many uses in feed and has high purchase prices.
  4. Belting - bales are more convenient to transport and store than grass, but this technology requires machines and does not always provide greater speed. Bales can be transported more easily to the selling points.
  5. Straw - on this page, you will learn where to use straw, how to enable and disable mowing, where it is used, and how to collect it.

Farming Simulator 22: Vehicles and machines

The vehicles and machines section describes the problems that new players may face when using them, including the most common problems such as buying and leasing, filling the tanks or using several machines at the same time.

  1. Filling the machine tanks - here you will learn how to fill the tanks of various machines: seeders, sprayers and others.
  2. Trade, repair and modifications - basic information on buying and renting the machines, their repair and modifications in the workshop.
  3. Connecting, machinery assembly - on this page you will read how in FS22 you can use multiple machines simultaneously to do multiple jobs at the same time.

Farming Simulator 22: Production chains

In this section of the guide you will read about production chains: how to use them, what buildings are needed to process certain raw materials.

  1. Basics, production - how to start? - basic information on how to use, build and buy factories and production buildings.
  2. Buildings and regulations - this is the most important page about production chains - here you will find a description of available buildings, processing capacities, required raw materials and building prices - everything you need to know before you buy a factory.

Farming Simulator 22: Maps - field sizes

Farming Simulator 22 (in the basic version of the game) has three starting maps. On the following pages, you will learn about the characteristics of each of them and - more importantly - the size of the fields that are located on them, which will allow you to make better purchases and better calculate production and income.

  1. Elmcreek
  2. Erlengrat
  3. Haut-Beyleron

Farming Simulator 22: Achievements/trophies

Following the previous parts, Farming Simulator 22 includes a sizable list of achievements and trophies. With our trophy guide, you will not miss any of them.

The Achievements/trophies chapter is in preparation

Farming Simulator 22: Game editions

Farming Simulator 22 will be released in a special physical edition - Collector's Edition.

However, it will not offer additional in-game content (besides the pre-order bonus) - Farming Simulator 22 Guide

However, it will not offer additional in-game content (besides the pre-order bonus). Instead, it will have physical goods for fans. The pre-order bonus (CLAAS Xerion SADDLE TRAC Pack) will be available to anyone who buys the game before its release.

Farming Simulator 22: Brands and manufacturers

The full list of the available brands isn't known yet, but the developer mentions about 100 different companies. This includes brands of agricultural machinery, tractors, as well as other vehicles not strictly related to agriculture and buildings. The well-known brands included in FS22 are John Deere, CLAAS, Case IH, DEUTZ-FAHR, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Zetor, Kaweco, Unia, Mack Trucks, Lode King, Kuhn, SaMASZ, Berthoud, Manitou, Hormann, Hardi, Fuhrmann, Ponnse, Palfinger, Provitis.

Farming Simulator 22: System requirements

Farming Simulator 22 has been newly optimized, so it will be able to work on weaker PCs and past generation consoles. However, you will need a Windows 10 in 64-bits version.

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits, MacOS 10.14
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 or AMD FX-8320
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660, AMD Radeon R7 265 (min. 2 GB VRAM)
  5. Disk space: 35 GB (MacOS 70 GB)

For more information, please refer to the separate page of our guide: System requirements.

About Farming Simulator 22 Guide

Author : Patrick "yxu" Homa for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

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Farming Simulator 22 Video Game

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