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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

Wake up, Samurai! We have a city to burn Cyberpunk2077 guide contains tips and hints, as well as a complete walkthrough. Tips concern things like combat, secrets, romance, exploration, and the hidden gems. We also have guide to V's choices, system requirements, keybinds and a trophies.

Last update: 23 October 2023

The guide to Cyberpunk 2077 will help you complete this expansive game and reveal all the secrets of Night City. Using the guide will help you, first of all, to create and develop your character, as well as to understand the most important gameplay mechanics. The walkthrough included in the guide describes all the main and side quests along with their important choices and all the game's endings. The Phantom Liberty expansion has dedicated chapters - we have included the new Relic tree, the DLC's main and side quests, the endings, and unique activities in Dogtown. You may also learn about secrets and collectibles, important locations in Night City or how to defeat bosses. We also have descriptions of achievements and information on how to complete the game in 100%.

Cyberpunk 2077: Guide content

In our guide, you will mainly find a walkthrough of all main and side missions. The walkthrough contains various approaches to the quests as well as their different endings. The world atlas is equally important. There, you will find high-quality maps of all the main districts of Night City and the surrounding wastelands. Maps inform, among others, about places where you can start quests, find collectibles or visit unique locations.

Cyberpunk 2077's game guide section will help you start your adventure with the game. We have dedicated pages to topics such as creating a new character, combat, exploration, character development, hacking, crafting, using implants, stealth, driving vehicles, romance, or increasing reputation. The guide also has a FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions - you will learn, e.g. whether it is possible to complete the game without killing anyone, is the Cyberware mandatory, how to develop the character faster, how to earn credits in an easier way, and how to defeat the most difficult bosses.

Our guide also covers the Phantom Liberty expansion. We have described all DLC quests of the main storyline as well as side quests. In addition, we showed all the expansion's endings, new secrets and collectibles, a new Relic tree, gameplay mechanics, as well as unique locations and activities to discover in the Dogtown district.

We also have pages with system requirements, keybinds/controls, and discussing the game's length. We have also prepared a trophy guide to help you get 100% of the achievements and unlock the platinum trophy.

Cyberpunk 2077: Quick beginner's guide

  1. The choice of V's origin is not a key decision. It will only affect the beginning of the game - you start the prologue in a different place. After completing the origin mission, the next main quests are the same to all. The changes only apply to dialogue options associated with a given past.
  2. Use scanner as often as possible - it is free and does not consume energy. It will help you, e.g. find loot and interactive objects. You also use it for hacking – it locates devices or opponents.
  3. You can do many quests in various ways. These can include, for example, fighting enemies, sneaking around, avoiding confrontations through conversations, or hacking into security systems. Save the game frequently to make the right decisions regarding important choices.
  4. Use different classes of weapons. V can have 3 different weapons equipped at a time (including melee weapons), so you should be using different types. You will be prepared for different situations (e.g. close combat, stealth, ranged combat) and not worry about running out of ammunition quickly.
  5. Save credits to buy new implants from a ripperdoc. Buying implants should be your priority in the first hours of the game. Thanks to them you can, e.g. equip V with mantis blades, increase your carrying limit, extend your health bar or unlock slow motion.
  6. Use the mini-map and the Night City map. On the mini-map, you can see icons depicting loot and opponents, as well as the path to the current mission objective. You can check the world map for markers of stores or new quests and contracts to unlock.
  7. Develop Street Cred and skills. You can earn Street Cred by helping Night City residents and officers asking for support. You will earn skills XP by performing related activities (e.g. use a certain type of weapon).

More tips and hints can be found at: Tips and tricks.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: All quests, walkthroughs

Main story quests

  1. How to start the expansion? - We explain what are the requirements to unlock the expansion's story and how to start it with a character prepared for the DLC.
  2. Dog Eat Dog - This is the first quest in the Dogtown and your first meeting with Songbird.
  3. Hole in the Sky - This mission is about reaching the wreckage of the plane and rescuing President Myers.
  4. Spider and the Fly - This quest is about escorting Myers to the safe house while fighting Hansen's men and a Chimera tank.
  5. Lucretia My Reflection - The walkthrough describes how to fight the strangers in the hideout and how to meet Reed.
  6. The Damned - In this mission, you will meet Alex and have to find Slider in his hideout.
  7. Get It Together - In this quest, the main character will meet with Mr. Hands - a gigs fixer.
  8. You Know My Name - You have to infiltrate the party in the Black Sapphire building and you will learn where to find Songbird and how to play roulette.
  9. Birds with Broken Wings - In this mission, the protagonist must reach transceivers on rooftops and visit Farida's clinic.
  10. I've Seen That Face Before - The premise of this quest is to take control of the netrunners' car to ultimately steal their identities.
  11. Firestarter - Our walkthrough describes the meeting with Hansen and the important choice about choosing an ally.
  12. The Killing Moon - We described Songbird's quest to infiltrate the NCX terminal, reach the shuttle and confront Reed.
  13. Through Pain to Heaven - Our walkthrough describes the epilogue for Songbird's storyline.
  14. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos - This is Reed's first quest and in the walkthrough we described how to stop the convoy and defeat its escort.
  15. Somewhat Damaged - This quest is part of Songbird's storyline. You will learn how to avoid the robot and how to reach the core of the outpost.
  16. Leave in Silence - This is the epilogue for Reed's storyline. We described, e.g. the meeting with President Myers.
  17. Four Score and Seven - This is the second quest of Reed's epilogue.
  18. Who Wants to Live Forever - This walkthrough informs how to unlock the new ending for the main game.

Side missions

  1. Push It to the Limit - This is a more important side quest in which you contact El Capitan and unlock car theft gigs.
  2. No Easy Way Out - In this mission, you will meet boxer Aaron and help him remove the implant. We also described the confrontation with Angie.
  3. Dazed and Confused - We described Tool's and Lina Malina's quest. You will learn how to bring Tool's personality back.
  4. Run This Town - You will find a description of all the options for selecting a new leader of Dogtown. It can be Jago or Bennett.
  5. Shot by Both Sides - We described finding Bree, investigating the Militech lab and confronting Dante.


  1. Dogtown Saints - The walkthrough informs how to get to the clinic and what to do during the meeting between Anderson and Nika.
  2. Waiting for Dodger - We suggest where to find officers and how to act when meeting Dodger.
  3. Prototype in the Scraper - Infiltrate the Scavs' lair, learn how to free Hasan and what to do with him.
  4. Treating Symptoms - This mission is about investigating the Voodoo Boys' base and finding Milko Alexis.
  5. Spy in the Jungle - Brazilian agents ask V to investigate the museum. We described, e.g. the confrontation with agent Katya.
  6. The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman - Our walkthrough describes finding the murderer of Leon Rinder and getting to his stash.
  7. Heaviest of Hearts - Learn how to find Georgina Zembinsky in the Heavy Hearts bar.
  8. Roads to Redemption - We described how to infiltrate the weapons factory, where to find a nuclear payload, and how to deal with Biotechnica agents.
  9. Talent Academy - Our walkthrough shows how to get into Fiona Vargas' office and how to get her clients data.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: DLC endings

  1. List of all endings - We have compiled all 5 endings and the most important moment of choosing a story line.
  2. Songbird's endings - We have described 2 endings of Songbird's story line.
  3. Reed's endings - Here we described the 2 endings of Reed's story line.
  4. Secret ending - We explain how to unlock the new main ending that closes V's and Relic's storyline.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Bosses

  1. Chimera - A large tank that is the first mandatory boss of the expansion. We described how to avoid the tank and how to attack its weak points in the Spider and the Fly main job.
  2. R Mk2 robot - This is an elite robot that you will meet at the Voodoo Boys base along with a group of weaker machines during the Treating Symptoms gig. We described the entire fight in the server room.
  3. Boris Ribakov - A former Spetsnaz agent who appears during Gig: Spy in the Jungle. We suggest how to find the hiding boss and how to defeat his drones.
  4. Yasha Ivanov - An elite opponent you encounter in an old hotel in The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman gig. You will find tips on how to find Yasha and how to defeat him.
  5. Kurt Hansen - You can face the leader of the Barghest gang after fulfilling certain conditions in the Firestarter main mission. We described how to defeat Hansen and his people.
  6. MaxTac Operators - This is a group of mini-bosses that you can face during the attack on the convoy in the Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos quest. He have posted tips on, e.g. how to use Reed's help.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Basics

  1. Free items - We've described how to claim the free rewards available to those have bought Phantom Liberty DLC and the studio's other games.
  2. Relic tree - This page explains how to unlock a new skill tree, how to accumulate Relic perk points, and what is the best starting Relic skill.
  3. Dogtown district map - Here you can learn about the new district added in the DLC. We explain, e.g. how to leave Dogtown, how large the district map from the expansion is and what unique attractions it has.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: FAQ

  1. What does the red smoke mean? - On this page, we explain what the red smoke appearing in the distance symbolizes , how to open the supply chest and what it may contain.
  2. How to get car with weapons? - We suggest how to easily obtain a vehicle with a machine gun and rockets, and use these weapons.
  3. Is there level cap and has it been increased? - We answer what is the maximum experience level in Phantom Liberty.
  4. What is the recommended level? - You can find out V's recommended level to start the expansion.
  5. Are there romances? - We answer the question of whether you can romance Songbird, Reed, Alex, Angie or other characters from the expansion.
  6. Is Phantom Liberty story a direct continuation of the story from the base game? - We clarify whether the DLC takes place after the events of the base game or maybe you need to finish the main game first.
  7. What is the phone number? - We described the phone booth from the Lucretia My Reflection mission. We listed various phone numbers.
  8. What is the Active Chimera Core? - We explain when you can get this unique quest item and where to use the Chimera core.

Cyberpunk 2077: All main missions, walkthrough

Life path/origin quests

  1. The Nomad - This is the starting mission in the Badlands district for the Nomad origin.
  2. The Street Kid - This is the starting mission in the Heywood district for the Street Kid origin.
  3. The Corpo - This is the starting mission in the City Center district for the Corpo origin.


  1. The Rescue - In this mission, you and Jackie have to find and rescue Sandra Dorsett.

Act 1

  1. The Ripperdoc - In this mission, you visit a ripperdoc for the first time.
  2. The Ride - You will meet with Dex and decide on the next mission.
  3. The Information - Visit Lizzies Bar to meet Evelyn and complete your first braindance.
  4. The Pickup - This is an extensive quest from visiting All Foods, allying with Militech, killing every member of Maelstrom or allying with them, and rescuing Brick.
  5. The Heist - In this mission, you control Flathead and break into Yorinobu's apartment.
  6. Love Like Fire - This is Johnny Silverhand's first quest.

Act 2

  1. Playing for Time - You wake up in a garbage dump and encounter Takemura.
  2. Automatic Love - In this mission, you must find Evelyn Parker and interrogate Woodman.
  3. The Space In Between - This is a quest where you go together with Judy to Fingers.
  4. Disasterpiece - In this mission, you have to get a black braindance and analyze it to find Evelyn.
  5. Double Life - This is a quest from analyzing the braindance recording in Judy's studio.
  6. Ghost Town - In this mission, you will meet Panam for the first time and recover her vehicle.
  7. Lightning Breaks - In this quest, you go with Panam to a power plant overload terminals.
  8. Life During Wartime - In this mission, you must destroy the drones, reach the AV and get Hellman.
  9. Down on the Street - This quest involves visiting the docks in Japantown and meeting Wakako.
  10. Gimme Danger - Get into Arasaka Industrial Park during the Japantown parade.
  11. Play It Safe - Learn how to eliminate snipers and how to defeat Oda.
  12. Search and Destroy - We explain where to meet Hanako Arasaka and how to save Takemura.
  13. M'ap Tann Pelen - Contact Mr. Hands and meet with Placid in the Chapel.
  14. I Walk the Line - In this mission, you must visit a shopping mall and confront an agent.
  15. Transmission - In this quest, you will meet Brigitte from Voodoo Boys and visit the Atlantis club.

Act 3

  1. Nocturne OP55N1 - This quest is a so-called point of no return. Start it to advance to the game's finale.

Cooperation with Hanako and Arasaka Corporation

  1. Last Caress - In the mission, you have to get to the mansion and find Hanako.
  2. Totalimmortal - In this quest, you confront Yorinobu in Arasaka Tower and fight Adam Smasher.

Cooperation with Panam and Aldecaldos

  1. We Gotta Live Together - In this mission, you will meet with Nomads and give a speech for them.
  2. Forward to Death - Here you control Basilisk, escort Mitch and Carol and reach the tunnel.
  3. Belly of the Beast - In the quest, you must, among other things, activate the drill, reach Mikoshi and defeat Adam Smasher.

Johnny's cooperation with Rogue

  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls - In this mission, you will meet Rogue and visit the netrunner's room.
  2. Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Attack Arasaka Tower, locate Mikoshi and deal with Adam Smasher.

Cyberpunk 2077: All side quests

Quests found during world exploration

  1. Burning Desire
  2. Sacrum Profanum
  3. Human Nature - This is Delamain's, an advanced AI, first quest.
  4. Tune Up
  5. Epistrophy - We show, e.g. where to find a cab in the Northside district.
  6. Don't Lose Your Mind - This is Delamain's, a rebellious Artificial Intelligence, final quest.
  7. Happy Together
  8. These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
  9. Big in Japan
  10. I can see clearly now
  11. The Ballad Of Buck Ravers
  12. The Highwayman - The walkthrough informs how to get a free Arch Nazare Itsumade motorcycle.
  13. The Beast In Me - This is a series of quests in which you participate in car races.
  14. I Fought the Law - River -This is the first quest received from detective River Ward.
  15. The Hunt - River - Our walkthrough shows, e.g. the analysis of 3 braindance recordings.
  16. Following the River - River - This is River Ward's last quest, which also gives you the chance to romance this character.
  17. I'll Fly Away
  18. Dream On
  19. Sinnerman - This is the first of several quests related to Joshua.
  20. There is a Light that Never Goes Out
  21. They Won't Go When I Go
  22. Space Odity
  23. A Day in the Life
  24. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
  25. Imagine
  26. Machine Gun
  27. Only Pain
  28. Every Breath You Take
  29. Violence
  30. Full Disclosure
  31. Fortunate Son
  32. Beat on the Brat - This is a series of fist fights. We show how to defeat the champions of Kabuki, Arroyo, Glen, Rancho Coronado and Pacifica, and how to win the final battle.
  33. Send in the Clowns
  34. Shoot to Thrill
  35. Gun Music
  36. War Pigs
  37. The Gun
  38. The Gift
  39. Paid in full
  40. Sweet Dreams
  41. Small Man, Big Mouth
  42. Stadium Love
  43. Spellbound
  44. Love Rollercoaster
  45. Kold Mirage
  46. The Prophet's Song
  47. Tapeworm
  48. The Gig
  49. Bullets
  50. Killing in the Name
  51. Raymond Chandler Evening

Main story quests

  1. Heroes - This is the epilogue of Jackie's, V's friend, storyline.
  2. Both Sides, Now - Judy - This is the first of several quests received from Judy Alvarez, a friendly braindance editor.
  3. Ex-Factor - Judy - You have to meet Judy and Maiko, and defeat Woodman.
  4. Talkin Bout a Revolution - Judy - This is a short quest during which you will be at a party at Judy's apartment.
  5. Pisces - Judy - In this quest, you will have a fight at Hiromi's office.
  6. Pyramid Song - Judy - This is Judy's last quest, which also gives you the chance to have a relationship with her.
  7. Riders on the Storm - Panam - This is the first of several quests received from Panam Palmer, a mercenary, whom V meets in the main plot.
  8. With a Little Help from My Friends - Panam - In this mission from Panam, you will participate in a heist.
  9. Queen of the Highway - Panam - This is Panam's last quest, which also gives you the chance to have a relationship with her.
  10. Chippin' In - Rogue and Johnny - This is a quest where you visit the docks with Rogue and obtain a unique Porsche 911 Turbo vehicle.
  11. Blistering Love - Rogue and Johnny - Get into a car theater and decide whether you want to romance Rogue.
  12. Holdin' On - Kerry - This is the first quest from Kerry's story line in which you infiltrate his estate.
  13. Second Conflict - Kerry - In this quest, you must visit the Totentanz club.
  14. A Like Supreme - Kerry - This quest takes place during Johnny Silverhand's concert.
  15. Sturm Und Drang - Kerry - You and Kerry rob a van.
  16. I Don't Wanna Hear It - Kerry - In this mission, you must reach the dressing room of the Riot Club and confront Us Cracks.
  17. Off the Leash - Kerry - The quest involves meeting Kerry in the lodge and romancing him.
  18. Boat Drinks - Kerry - This is Kerry's final quest. It takes place on the boat and beach.

Cyberpunk 2077: All romances

  1. General information about romance – You will find out how does the romance mechanic work, what are the requirements for starting a romance with an NPC, why a romance was unsuccessful, and where to find brothels where you can sleep with someone without starting a closer relationship.
  2. Judy Alvarez - A braindance editor you will meet at Lizzie's Bar in Act 1. Judy also appears in the second act of the campaign.
  3. Meredith Stout - This is an employee of the Militech group, you can have an optional meeting with her before going to the All Foods factory in Act 1.
  4. Panam Palmer - She is a mercenary and former Nomad. V will cooperate with her during the second act of the campaign.
  5. Alt Cunningham - A netrunner associated with Johnny Silverhand.
  6. Rogue Amendiares - A fixer and owner of the Afterlife club associated with Johnny Silverhand.
  7. Kerry Eurodyne - An ex-member of the Samurai band, whose frontman was Johnny Silverhand.
  8. River Ward - This is an NCPD detective whom V can assist in the investigation of the murder of Night City's mayor.
  9. Joytoy - We inform you how to find brothels in Night City and what services they offer.

Cyberpunk 2077: All endings

  1. List of endings - This page has a list of all main and secret endings of Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, we inform you when you can select an ending and whether you can see different ones without replaying the story.
  2. Corpo ending - We described the ending during which you work with Hanako and Arasaka Corporation.
  3. Nomad ending - In this ending you choose Panam and the Aldecaldos clan.
  4. Johnny's ending - This ending is related to Johnny Silverhand and Rogue.
  5. Worst ending - We have described the worst ending option for V.

Cyberpunk 2077: FAQ

V - main character

  1. How to increase weight capacity? - We suggest how to permanently or temporarily raise the weight limit for items in the inventory.
  2. Where to get Crafting specs?
  3. How to develop your character?
  4. How to gain XP faster? - Find out what activities guarantee the most skill points.
  5. What are skill Shards?
  6. How to increase Cyberdeck RAM amount?
  7. How to change V's appearance? - You will find out if it is possible to change the appearance of the main character after exiting the character creator.
  8. Is there Experience level cap? - We inform you about the maximum experience level.
  9. What activities develop V's skills?
  10. How to hide weapons?
  11. Is it possible to reset perks? - We answer whether you can reset perks and attributes.
  12. Where to get legendary components?
  13. What to do after the Relic chip is damaged?
  14. How to spend attribute points?


  1. Frequently asked questions
  2. Is there M-rated content? - Learn whether the game has content suited only for adult players.
  3. How to accumulate Credits/Euro-dollars? - We have prepared tips on how to get rich fast.
  4. Can you finish the game without killing anyone? - We clarify whether killing other characters in the game is mandatory.
  5. Is it possible to complete the game without Cyberware?
  6. How to get into Cyberspace?
  7. How to send a text message?
  8. Can Evelyn be saved?
  9. Should you choose Angel or Skye?
  10. How to win at the shooting range?
  11. Is it possible to unlock Basilisk/Militech?
  12. Is there a point of no return? - We inform whether the game has a moment in the story where you can't go back to exploring the world.
  13. Can story-related characters die?
  14. Is it possible to get Flathead without a fight?

Combat, stealth and hacking

  1. How to attach a silencer to a weapon? - This is useful information if you plan on killing enemies silently.
  2. Why can't I defeat enemies?
  3. How to stop getting hacked? - This is important when you are targeted by another hacker.
  4. How to swap modifications?
  5. How to disarm traps?
  6. How to heal? - We have included complete information on how to recover lost health points and how to regenerate them during battles.
  7. How to add heavy weapons to inventory?
  8. How to get ammunition? - You can learn how to buy or where to find ammunition for firearms.
  9. How do piercing bullets work?
  10. How does bullet ricocheting work?
  11. What are the differences between melee weapons?


  1. How to use Smart weapons?
  2. How to unlock Mantis Blades? - We described a powerful gadget for killing enemies in close combat.
  3. How to unlock Gorilla Arms?
  4. How to unlock Monowire?

Exploring Night City

  1. How to speed up the passage of time? - You will learn how to wait and choose a different time of day.
  2. Are there question marks on the map?
  3. How does fast travel work? - We explain how fast travel works and where to activate fast travel.
  4. How to buy/steal a car? - The page has complete information on how to acquire new transportation.
  5. How to call a vehicle?
  6. How to open a locked door?
  7. What vehicles are in the game?
  8. How to unlock races in Night City?
  9. Is junk useful? - Learn whether these items are worth selling or throwing away.
  10. How to fix a car?
  11. Where to find and adopt a cat?
  12. How to get Rayfield Aerondight?
  13. How to get a Porsche 911? - We described how to acquire Johnny Silverhand's iconic vehicle.
  14. Is there a flashlight?
  15. How to get Skippy, the talking gun?
  16. Can you drive a bus?
  17. Can you leave the city? - We explain whether it is possible to get outside the Night City.
  18. Is it possible to adopt an iguana?
  19. How to lower the vendor prices?
  20. How to get to the Arasaka waterfront?

Cyberpunk 2077: Basics

  1. Character development - You will learn the principles of developing your character and how to level up.
  2. Difficulty levels - We explain the most important differences between the 4 difficulty levels. You will also learn whether you can change the difficulty.
  3. Combat - We discussed the basics of combat and keeping V alive. You will also learn about stealth attacks.
  4. Character creator - We have compiled all the steps for creating a new character. You will learn how to change V's appearance and gender, as well as choose their origin and attributes.
  5. Breach Protocol and hacking - You will learn the basics of hacking, as well as how to increase your hacking skills and how to properly use quickhacks on your opponents.
  6. Braindance - We explained what braindance is in the world of Cyberpunk and what control options you have when analyzing braindance recordings.
  7. Stealth and combat - Learn the most important mechanics that will help you avoid confrontations or neutralize enemies silently.
  8. Equipment - We explain what are the main inventory slots, how to quickly select items from the inventory, and whether it has limited capacity.
  9. Thievery and other crimes - You will learn what the main types of crimes are and how to escape the police.
  10. Death and its consequences - We inform what choices you have after V's death and how to avoid sudden deaths.
  11. Traders - You will learn what are the types of stores, how to buy and sell things, and why some goods are unavailable.
  12. Best perks - Learn what attributes to choose in order to best suit your play style.
  13. Best origin - You have only one chance to select V's origin - check out how the story differs and which origin is best to choose.
  14. Best modifications - This page of the guide contains a list of our recommended mods divided by category.
  15. Best hacks - You can choose from quite a number of hacks to facilitate gameplay - read this guide page to learn which are the best.
  16. Best Cyberdecks - With this device you can use hacks, so it is worth choosing the one that works best.
  17. Best Cyberware - On this page, you will find the best parts to equip your character with.
  18. Street Cred - Learn how reputation works in the game and how to earn it.
  19. Exploration - The page informs about the division into regions and unique icons for items and collectibles.
  20. Vehicles and garage - The page explains, among other things, how to steal cars, how to store vehicles in the garage and what are the best machines in the game.
  21. Mini-games - The page has an overview of the mini-games, such as racing and fistfights.
  22. Crafting and upgrading weapons - We described how to get crafting materials, create new items and modify the ones you have.
  23. Factions - The page has a summary of all the major factions living in Night City.
  24. V's apartment - Here you will learn when you can get an apartment and whether it can be changed.
  25. Scanning - On the page we described how to activate the scanner, what can be found with it and how to hack enemies.
  26. Farming XP and loot - We described an example technique on how to get a lot of experience points and items.
  27. Conversations with NPCs - The page describes selecting dialogue options, important choices and timed answers.
  28. User interface - We have described the most important elements of the interface and the information displayed on the screen.

Cyberpunk 2077: Best builds

  1. Gunslinger - The page describes a build based on using revolvers for strong ranged attacks.
  2. Samurai - This build will allow you to create a character that defeats opponents with a katana.
  3. Hacker - This is an ideal build for players who want to hack and develop netrunner abilities.
  4. Technician - This build is based on technical skills and the use of power weapons.

Cyberpunk 2077: All important choices

  1. List of all important choices - On this page, we have compiled the choices you should keep in mind while going through the game.

Act 1

  1. What to do with Maelstrom? - The robot can be retrieved by getting along with Maelstrom or Militech, or attacking gang members.
  2. Tell Dex about Evelyn's plan? - This is an important choice from The Heist mission.
  3. Where to take Jackie? - You will have to make this choice in the final part of The Heist mission.

Act 2

  1. How to interrogate Woodman? - You can get the information peacefully or after winning the fight.
  2. Go with Takemura on a reconnaissance? - This choice is regarding the Gimme Danger mission from Act 2.
  3. Kill or spare Oda? - He is one of the bosses. You make the choice after winning the fight.
  4. Rescue Takemura or not? - You will decide his fate during the Search and Destroy mission.
  5. Choose NetWatch or the Voodoo Boys? - You will choose your allies in the I Walk the Line mission.

Cyberpunk 2077: Secrets and collectibles

  1. Tarot cards - You will learn where to find 20 murals/graffiti, when to start collecting tarot cards and whether they have any use.
  2. Johnny Silverhand's collection - You can find, e.g. Johnny's clothes, as well as his weapon and car.
  3. Perk Shards - The guide shows where to find all 9 Shards in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077: Bosses

  1. Sasquatch - the leader of the Animals gang. You will meet her while completing a story mission in the Pacifica region.
  2. Royce - He is one of the members of Maelstrom gang. You encounter him during one of the starting quests during which you have to get the Flathead robot.
  3. Woodman - The owner of Clouds - a place with dolls (prostitutes with implants that match the experience to the customers).
  4. Twins / Kabuki champions - These are two optional opponents that can be defeated in a fistfight.
  5. Oda - This elite opponent appears in Takemura's and Hanako's plotline. Oda uses, among others, mantis blades and smart weapons.
  6. Adam Smasher - This is the final boss and Johnny Silverhand's main antagonist. The confrontation takes place in the game's finale.

Cyberpunk 2077: Cyberpsycho Sighting - mini-bosses

  1. Who are the Cyberpsychos? - We described the main assumptions of the fights against cyberpsychos - bosses. You will also learn how to find them.
  2. Lt. Mower
  3. Six Feet Under
  4. Ticket to the Major Leagues
  5. Where the Bodies Hit the Floor
  6. Demons of War
  7. Bloody Ritual
  8. House on a Hill
  9. Second Chances
  10. Smoke on the Water
  11. Lex Talionis
  12. Cyberpsycho Sighting: The Wasteland
  13. Discount Doc
  14. Too Little, Too Late
  15. Letter of the Law
  16. Seaside Cafe
  17. The Phantom of Night City
  18. On Deaf Ears

Cyberpunk 2077: Gigs


  1. Gun for Hire
  2. Search & Recover
  3. Thievery
  4. Agent Saboteur
  5. SOS: Merc Needed


  1. Special Delivery
  2. Search & Recover
  3. Thievery
  4. Agent Saboteur
  5. SOS: Merc Needed


  1. Thievery


  1. Thievery
  2. Special Delivery
  3. Agent Saboteur
  4. SOS: Merc Needed
  5. Gun for Hire

Santo Domingo

  1. Search & Recover
  2. Thievery
  3. Agent Saboteur
  4. SOS: Merc Needed
  5. Gun for Hire


  1. Search & Recover
  2. Thievery
  3. SOS: Merc Needed
  4. Gun for Hire

City Center

  1. Thievery
  2. Agent Saboteur
  3. Gun for Hire

Cyberpunk 2077: NCPD Scanner Hustles

  1. NCPD Scanner Hustles tips - The page has information on what NCPD Scanner Hustles are and what are their main categories.
  2. Watson
  3. Westbrook
  4. Pacifica
  5. Badlands
  6. Santo Domingo
  7. Heywood
  8. City Center

Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Maps - World Atlas

  1. World map of Cyberpunk 2077 - In addition to the Night City map, the page also includes information on public transportation, fast travel, availability of subway tunnels, and the extent of freedom to traverse the game world.
  2. Suggested order of exploration - Each Night City district has opponents with specific experience levels. You will learn the best order of exploring and completing the available regions.
  3. City Center district
  4. Heywood district
  5. Pacifica district
  6. Santo Domingo district
  7. Watson district
  8. Westbrook district
  9. Badlands
  10. List of free vehicles - This page has a list of free cars and motorcycles that you can get by completing quests or when exploring the game's world.
  11. List of iconic weapons - We have compiled all the unique weapons that you can acquire as you go through the game.

Cyberpunk 2077: Puzzle solutions

  1. Where is the Relic? - We analyze Evelyn Parker's recording in terms of locating a hidden safe in the apartment with Relic.
  2. How to free Brick? - You can free Brick when exploring the All Foods factory in one of the main quests. You have to open the door and disarm the trap.
  3. How to help the Flathead robot progress? - We show what commands to give the robot to reach the netrunner and connect to him.
  4. The Hunt - computer puzzle - You have to solve this puzzle during one of the quests related to River Ward. It is required to find the missing Randy.

Cyberpunk 2077: Game length

Total play time in Cyberpunk 2077 varies depending on how you play the game. By rushing through the main storyline, you can reach the ending after just 20 hours. If you decide to complete other larger quests and get a different ending, you can extend the play time to 35-40 hours. If you want to fully see all the secrets and attractions of Night City, you will exceed the 100-hour barrier without much trouble.

For more information, check out the Game length page.

Cyberpunk 2077: Trophies/Achievements

Cyberpunk 2077 has 45 achievements for the basic game and additional trophies for the DLC content.

In our trophy guide, you will find instructions on how to unlock the platinum trophy and what requirements each achievement has.

Cyberpunk 2077: PC system requirements

Below you will find the minimum system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8120 3.1 GHz
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 780 (3GB) / Radeon RX 470 or better
  4. DirectX: 12
  5. Disk space: 70 GB (SSD recommended)
  6. Operating system: Windows 7/10 64-bit

For more information on, e.g. the recommended requirements and the game's performance on consoles, visit the System requirements page.

Cyberpunk 2077: Language versions

Cyberpunk 2077 offers dubbing in 11 languages. You can also play the game with the English voices but have the subtitles in your native language (provided the game supports it).

You can find complete information on this topic on the Language versions page.

About Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

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Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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